Agent Orange Exposure

What is Agent Orange Exposure?

Agent Orange is a herbicide and defoliant chemical, one of the “tactical use” Rainbow Herbicides. This herbicide was used by the U.S. Military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War era from 1961 to 1971.

Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange may have related illnesses. If you have been exposed to Agent Orange during your military service, find out if your eligible for disability compensation.

Am I eligible for VA disability benefits based on Agent Orange Exposure?

To be eligible for Agent Orange Exposure, you must meet both requirements below.

  • Have an illness that was caused by exposure to Agent Orange, and
  • Served in a location that exposed you to Agent Orange

What illnesses have been caused by Agent Orange Exposure?

Below is a list of cancers and other illnesses that can be caused by Agent Orange Exposure. For a full list of illnesses visit


  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Prostate cancer
  • Respiratory

Other Illnesses

  • Diabetes mellitus type 2
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Parkinson’s disease

What are the service requirements for Agent Orange Exposure?

Agent Orange Exposure eligibility for VA disability compensation can be rewarded if you meet at least one of the service requirements listed below.

Between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, you must have served for any length of time in at least one of the following locations:

  • In the Republic of Vietnam
  • Aboard a u.S. military vessel that operated in the inland waterways of Vietnam
  • On vessel operating m=not more than 12 nautical miles seaward from the demarcation line of the waters of Vietnam and Cambodia
  • On regular perimeter duty on the fenced-in perimeters of a U.S. Army installation in Thailand or a Royal Thai Air Force base. These bases include U-Tapao, Ubon, Nakhon Phanom, Udorn, Takhil, Korat, or Don Muang.

Or one of the locations listed below must be true:

  • Served in or near the Korean DMZ for any length of time between September 1, 1967, and August 31, 1971
  • Served on active duty in a regular Air Force unit location where C-123 aircraft with traces of Agent Orange was assigned and had repeated contact with this aircraft due to your flight, ground, or medical duties
  • Were involved in transporting, testing, storing, or other uses of Agent Orange during your military service

Or were assigned as a Reservist to certain flight, ground, or medical crew duties at one of the below locations:

  • Lockbourne/Rickenbacker Air Force Base in Ohio, 1969 to 1989 (906th and 907th Tactical Air groups or 455th and 356th Tactical Airlift Squadrons)
  • Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts, 1972 to 1982 (731st Tactical Air Squadron and 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, or 901st Organizational Maintenance Squadron)
  • Pittsburgh International Airport in Pennsylvania, 1972 to 1982 (758th Airlift Squadron)

How do I get these benefits?

To receive disability benefits for Agent Orange Exposure you’ll need to

  • File a claim for disability compensation
  • Submit your evidence
    • A medical record that shows you have an Agent Orange-related illness
    • Military records to show how you were exposed to Agent Orange during your service

What If I need Help?

Filing a claim with the VA can be stressful and confusing. Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting can support you in filing a VA claim. Our team will guide you through the paperwork and prepare you for a meeting with the VA’s representatives, so there aren’t any surprises when the time comes. Fill out this form for a free consultation.

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