Lay Evidence for VA Disability

Lay Evidence for VA Disability Claims Does this phrase sound familiar? “There's nothing in your records to support your claim.” The VA denies claims all the time due to lack of evidence. Lay evidence for VA disability can be valuable evidence to prove various types of claims. This evidence is provided by a Veteran or

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VA Appeals Process Explained

If you've received a denial letter or ratings decision you didn't agree with from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you still have options. It's common for VA disability claims to be denied, and you can appeal.  Here's some advice on what you need to know on the VA appeals process. Deadline for Filing a Veterans'

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Requesting a DD214

Requesting a DD214 is a very simple process. This step by step guide will tell you how to request your DD214, especially if you're thinking about filing for VA disability benefits or seeking an increase in your current disability rating. The first step is to submit a military records request through the milConnect website. Here,

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100 Percent Disabled Veterans

Veterans who qualify for a 100 percent disability rating from the VA are eligible for additional benefits not available to other Veterans. Below is a list of benefits for 100 percent disabled Veterans and their dependents. Note that benefits vary by state. Please check out our state benefits map for more details. Monthly Compensation Veterans

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VA Claims: Daily Pain and Depression

At first glance, you may not think the terms daily pain and depression apply to you. But consider this: has daily or chronic pain caused physical discomfort affected your normal routine? An injury or painful condition that just doesn’t get better commonly causes irritability, depression, and sleep issues. And while many people experience acute pain

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COVID-19 Update at Veterans Guardian

COVID-19 Update at Veterans Guardian In an effort to let you know where we stand regarding the COVID-19 virus, Veterans Guardian is committed to continuing to provide unmatched consulting services and is continuing to adapt our ability to respond throughout the COVID-19 crisis. In order to be a responsible corporate citizen and to protect our

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10 Reasons Why Veterans Miss Out On VA Benefits

10 Reasons Why Veterans Miss Out On VA Benefits In recent years, the United States military veteran population has surpassed 18 million. In an effort to support this growing population, there has been a large expansion of health, home loan, education and other veteran benefits. But statistics show that many veterans aren’t taking advantage of

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For many Veterans, COVID-19 is on their minds. According to the CDC, the CoronaVirus is now a pandemic. This virus needs to be taken seriously, especially amongst our Veterans. Here you will find some information on COVID-19. Make sure you do the following: Call Before Visiting If you’re a Veteran seeking medical attention, call before

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Working With A 100% VA Rating

Veterans who have a 100% VA Disability Rating have many questions when it comes to employment. In most cases, Veterans receiving VA disability compensation can still work. However, there are a few exceptions that Veterans must know. The short answer- it depends on how you have reached your 100% rating. Are you getting a 100%

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Top 3 Reasons VA Claims Get Denied

Top 3 Reasons VA Claims Get Denied 1. Lack of proof your injury occurred in service One of the top reasons VA Claims get denied is because veterans cannot show a disability is related to an in-service incident.  The most common evidence to prove your service-connected condition is service records.  These can be either medical records

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