VA Disability Benefits

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VA Disability Benefits for Qualifying Veterans In order to be eligible for VA Disability Benefits, Veterans must have a VA Disability Rating. The higher their disability rating, the more benefits Veterans are eligible to receive. Veterans who qualify for VA disability benefits may suffer from physical conditions, such as chronic illness or service-connected injuries. They

Lay Evidence for VA Disability

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Lay Evidence for VA Disability Claims Does this phrase sound familiar? “There's nothing in your records to support your claim.” The VA denies claims all the time due to lack of evidence. Lay evidence for VA disability can be valuable evidence to prove various types of claims. This evidence is provided by a Veteran or

Requesting a DD214

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Requesting a DD214 is a very simple process. This step by step guide will tell you how to request your DD214, especially if you're thinking about filing for VA disability benefits or seeking an increase in your current disability rating. The first step is to submit a military records request through the milConnect website. Here,

100 Percent Disabled Veterans

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Veterans who qualify for a 100 percent disability rating from the VA are eligible for additional benefits not available to other Veterans. Below is a list of benefits for 100 percent disabled Veterans and their dependents. Note that benefits vary by state. Please check out our state benefits map for more details. Monthly Compensation Veterans


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For many Veterans, COVID-19 is on their minds. According to the CDC, the CoronaVirus is now a pandemic. This virus needs to be taken seriously, especially amongst our Veterans. Here you will find some information on COVID-19. Make sure you do the following: Call Before Visiting If you’re a Veteran seeking medical attention, call before

VA Combined Ratings

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Many veterans often wonder how the VA comes up with their disability rating. The VA combines multiple disability ratings to come up with the veteran’s combined rating. VA combined ratings are used to determine a veteran’s overall rating.  The overall rating determines the amount of monthly compensation the veteran will receive.

3 Elements of Service Connection

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In order for any VA disability claim to be successful, 3 main elements of service connection must be present. Service connection means that a veteran’s disability happened or was worsened by his or her military service. In order to establish service connection, veterans must show 3 main elements of service connection: A current, diagnosed disability


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CRDP or Concurrent Retired and Disability Pay is automatic for all 20 (+) year retirees with a VA rating of 50% or greater. But for retirees rated at 40% or less, why does CRDP matter? Without CRDP, a person with a VA rating and the associated

2020 VA Disability Pay Rates

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2020 VA Disability Compensation Rates The 2020 VA Disability Pay Rates are out! If you are a Veteran with a service-connected disability rating of 10% or higher, you can determine how much tax-free compensation you’ll get each month by viewing the animated chart above, or the graph below.   CHECK OUT OUR VA DISABILITY CALCULATOR  2020

Nexus Letter

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A nexus letter links a Veteran's time in service and their current disability. It is by far the hardest element of service connection to prove. However, it's not impossible. This letter, in many situations, allows for evidence to point in favor towards the Veteran. With a nexus letter, Veterans increase their chance of a favorable claim

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