What is A VA Disability Rating?

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The Department of Veterans Affairs handles service-related disability claims for veterans and reservists. A veteran's VA Disability Rating determines the amount of tax-free, monthly monetary disability compensation they receive. An individual must meet the VA’s eligibility requirements in order to receive compensation from the government. What is a “Service Connected Rating?” A VA Disability Rating

C&P Exam – What to Expect

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Compensation and Pension (C&P) Examinations are medical exams ordered by the VA to evaluate the conditions a veteran is claiming for disability compensation. The Ratings Veterans Services Representative (RSVR) is a primary decision-maker on your claim. A representative will create a folder once you file your claim. Data, or evidence, is added to your file for

What is a Buddy Statement?

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When you file a VA disability claim, it’s often helpful to provide a buddy statement to support your application packet or appeal. Therefore, you should have someone write a buddy letter for several reasons. Moreover, you need to connect your current condition to an injury or event in which you have experiences while in

VA Disability Myths – 5 Important Facts

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To set the record straight, we want to talk about five of the most common VA Disability myths and misconceptions. Because most veterans are unaware of the various benefits they can be receiving from the VA, we are here to help. VA Disability Myth: I don’t deserve disability pay. Other veterans are worse off

PTSD Claim – Common Questions About Filing

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One of the most difficult topics a military veteran can express is Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and filing a PTSD claim. In this post, we want to address some of the most frequently asked questions we get in regards to filing a PTSD claim. Many military personnel witnesses a traumatic event while serving.

2019 VA Disability Pay Rates

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Are you a veteran looking for the 2019 VA Disability Pay Rates? As a veteran, do you have a rating of over 10%? Military vets always take interest in looking for the maximum payout for their situations. If you are the person described in the following statements, then this chart will help you determine the