Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a Service-Connected Disability for Veterans?

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Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a Service-Connected Disability for Veterans? You can receive VA disability compensation for your carpal tunnel syndrome if there’s a service-connected link The carpal tunnel is a passageway near the palm of your hand that is surrounded by ligaments and bones. There’s a nerve inside this tube, and when it’s compressed, often

How Can I Appeal a VA Claim Decision?

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How Can I Appeal a VA Claim Decision? Three methods for appealing a VA benefits decision Like many things to do with the VA, the appeals process can be confusing, overwhelming, and lengthy. It’s very common for VA disability benefits to be denied, so it’s important to know how to combat those denials to get

Filing a VA Disability Claim For PTSD

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What You Should Know About PTSD Claims Before Filing for VA Disability The VA offers financial and medical support, along with treatment, for those who have PTSD, but you'll have to submit a valid claim before receiving this assistance Military members are exposed to all kinds of traumatic events, both in combat and while training,

VA Disability Benefits for Migraines

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Migraines and VA Disability VA disability benefits are available for those suffering from migraines, but the rating schedule and process are a little different because of the nuances of the condition. Migraines are a common problem for veterans, and the symptoms vary greatly. Although every sufferer experiences some level of head pain, some have severe

How to Get VA Disability for Your Pre-Existing Condition

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Can You Get VA Disability for Pre-Existing Conditions? Under normal circumstances, the VA won’t provide compensation for your pre-existing conditions There’s negativity surrounding the term “pre-existing condition” for many because insurance companies rarely provide coverage for them. If they do, premiums are through the roof. For military veterans dealing with the VA, there’s also the

What Are Presumptive Conditions?

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What Presumptive Conditions Can Mean for Your VA Benefits The VA has a list of presumptive conditions in which you’re eligible for benefits if you have a specific illness and served in an area with exposure to certain toxins. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has strict rules in place that limit benefits to

VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation

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VA Dependency Indemnity Compensation Breakdown Who is eligible, what compensation is available, and how to apply VA benefits have been modified and added over the years to not only provide care and compensation to military veterans and retirees, but to their loved ones as well. The VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (VA DIC) is one

Veterans Guardian Takes No-Layoff Pledge 2020

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PINEHURST, NC, May 29 - Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting announces a commitment to protecting the jobs of its workforce despite economic uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The company has also continued to hire and onboard new employees throughout the COVID‑19 pandemic. Veterans Guardian Founder and CEO Scott Greenblatt, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, said

Top VA Disability Benefits for Retirees and Veterans

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Top VA Disability Benefits for Retirees and Veterans Available pay, housing, healthcare, and employment benefits for disabled retirees and veterans Navigating the world of VA benefits can be frustrating and overwhelming for any veteran. Figuring out which benefits you’re eligible for, how to apply for them, and how to use them is a long road.

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