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Understanding the PACT Act: New Presumptive Disabilities for Veterans

On June 14, 2024, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) took a significant step in supporting our nation's veterans by adding three new cancer types to the list of presumed service-connected disabilities caused by military environmental exposure under the PACT Act.

Blog Published on July 05, 2024

Independence Day: Celebrating Freedom and Veteran Contributions

This post will focus on the significance of Independence Day, especially in the context of Veteran contributions to freedom. It will discuss ways to honor and celebrate the service of Veterans, including stories of heroism, community events, and reflections on what freedom means.

Blog Published on July 04, 2024

Veterans and Volunteerism: Giving Back to the Community

Celebrating the spirit of service, this article will explore how veterans can give back to their communities through volunteerism. It will highlight the benefits of volunteering, opportunities available, and stories of veterans making a positive impact post-service.

Blog Published on July 01, 2024

The Veterans Guide to Financial Planning in 2024

This guide will provide veterans with comprehensive financial planning advice for 2024. It will cover budgeting, retirement, investments, and benefits specific to veterans, offering strategies to secure financial stability and make informed decisions.

Blog Published on June 28, 2024

Addressing the Unique Challenges of LGBTQ+ Veterans

Recognizing the specific challenges faced by LGBTQ+ veterans, this post will address topics such as accessing healthcare, finding community support, and navigating benefits. It will provide resources and advice to help LGBTQ+ veterans and advocate for their needs.

Blog Published on June 26, 2024

The Future of Veteran Employment: Trends and Opportunities

Looking ahead, this article will discuss the evolving landscape of veteran employment, including emerging trends, sectors with opportunities, and resources for veterans seeking employment. It will offer insights into preparing for and adapting to the future job market.

Blog Published on June 24, 2024