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Service Connected Disability and VA Benefits

Having an injury or illness related to your military service can qualify you for monthly payments and benefits from the VA. Learn how to prove your condition is linked to your service, the evidence needed, benefits you might receive, and what to do if you're denied or want a higher compensation.

Veteran Benefits Published on December 08, 2022

VA Disability Pay Date Schedule

VA disability compensation is a tax-free monthly benefit for service-connected illnesses or injuries, with payments typically issued on the first business day of the following month, and earlier for certain banks like USAA or Navy Federal Credit Union; the amount varies based on disability rating and condition, and you can refer to the VA's pay date schedule for specific dates.

Veteran Benefits Published on October 26, 2022

What Are the VA Benefits for Your Spouse

VA benefits for a veteran's spouse encompass financial support, health benefits, educational assistance, state-offered benefits, and specific benefits for surviving spouses, including DIC, survivor's pension, burial benefits, healthcare coverage, and education assistance through the DEA Program.

Blog Published on July 21, 2022

What are the VA Benefits for Medical Discharge

VA benefits for medical discharge include healthcare, educational assistance, disability compensation, and more. Eligibility is based on discharge characterization, with medical discharges under honorable conditions typically providing access to a range of benefits.

Blog Published on June 08, 2022

Is VA Disability Taxable?

Learn about the Tax Status of VA Disability Benefits: Discover Which Benefits are Tax-Free and Understand Potential Tax Obligations for Veterans.

Blog Published on May 29, 2022

What is a 100 Percent Disability Rating?

A 100 percent disability rating from the VA signifies complete disability due to a service-connected illness or injury, entitling veterans to maximum monthly compensation and additional benefits such as health care services, preventive care, dental coverage, and home renovation grants. Here’s how.

Blog Published on December 30, 2021