Top 3 Reasons VA Claims Get Denied

Top 3 Reasons VA Claims Get Denied

1. Lack of proof your injury occurred in service

One of the top reasons VA Claims get denied is because veterans cannot show a disability is related to an in-service incident.  The most common evidence to prove your service-connected condition is service records.  These can be either medical records or records of your duty stations or performance evaluations.  If you do not have your records, you can always obtain them.

Even if the records are missing, proof of an in service incident can be found through other means.  Those you served with you can write buddy statements describing the event.  These statements count as evidence.  Also, you can look for unit records through the National Archives or records of your base, ship or unit on the internet.

2. The VA says you do not have a disability

To obtain service connected disability benefits your disability must have a diagnosis.

One common area this is a problem is mental health conditions.  With mental illness you might be treating with a doctor for mental health problems but VA will deny benefits because VA’s doctor will state that you do not meet all that is needed for the diagnosis.  This problem happens a lot with PTSD Claims.  If you have a mental health condition like PTSD, then you need to ask the doctor to lay out all the elements of the diagnosis in the medical record.

Another area where this is a problem is for back conditions. Many times, veterans will get treatment for back pain but the doctor will not give a diagnosis.

3. The VA says that your illness is not related to service

To get service connected benefits, you have to show that there is a link, or nexus, between what happened in service and the current diagnosis.  If the VA typically will come to that conclusion during the C&P exam.  If the C&P doctor says that there is no connection, then you should go get an opinion from your doctor or an independent medical exam from outside doctor.  You should give them the service records and medical records that they need to not only say that your disability is related to service but to explain why it is.

What If I need Help?

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