Veterans Guardian Issues Statement of Support For The Pact Act

PACT Act Statement of Support

Special Announcement: Today, Veterans Guardian issued the following statement in support of the Pact Act, which will provide better support to our nation’s veterans:

“With the passage of the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act (or PACT Act), Congress took a significant step forward toward delivering on its promises to better support our nation’s veterans.

Veterans Guardian salutes House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee leadership and staff for their hard work to pass in passing this legislation. The PACT Act will strengthen health coverage for burn pit victims by rightfully shifting the burden of proof away from the veteran and formally recognizing the links between various illnesses and these burn pits. 

While this bill provides greater resources to meet our veterans’ unique needs, there is still more to be done. Additional solutions to address the current backlog of disability benefits claims are crucial, and these numbers will only rise as we rightfully acknowledge the impact burn pits have had on our servicemembers.  

Veterans need better assistance in navigating the disability claims process. The only path forward is an all-the-above approach that expands assistance options and provides veterans with the right to choose how they pursue their claims. Our veterans have gone above and beyond to protect our country, and now it’s our turn to give back to them.”


What If I need Help?

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