Veterans Guardian Issues Statement of Support For Honoring Our Pact Act

Honoring our pact

Special Announcement: Today, Veterans Guardian issued the following statement in support of H.R. 3967, which would provide expanded Veterans Affairs benefits to veterans exposed to burn pits:

“Today, millions of American veterans are struggling with the health consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals from burn pits. As a nation, we have an obligation to support the long-term care of those that have sacrificed so much. Veterans Guardian strongly supports H.R. 3967, sponsored by Chairman Mark Takano, which would strengthen health coverage for burn pit victims by shifting the burden of proof away from the veteran, and formalize links between various respiratory illnesses and cancers and burn pit exposure.”

“America asks much of its veterans. We need to be there for them when they get home and for the long-term, when the effects of hidden hazards come to light. Burn pit exposure is a major health risk to our servicemen and women and will continue to be in the future. Veterans Guardian proudly offers our support for this important legislation, to ensure that the V.A. is providing quality health care that meets and exceeds the ever-evolving needs of the modern servicemember.”

What If I need Help?

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