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Veterans Guardian: National Defense Network Radio Show

Veterans Guardian appeared on the National Defense Network Radio Show to discuss their support for Irreverent Warriors and their role in helping veterans achieve rightful disability ratings for VA benefits claims, emphasizing camaraderie, expertise, and success in the process.

News Published on May 19, 2022

Veterans Guardian is Corporate Partner of NC Sheriffs’ Association

Veterans Guardian proudly announces its 2021 Corporate Partnership with the NC Sheriffs’ Association, providing vital support to enhance law enforcement training, education, and public safety while enabling deserving students to pursue higher education in criminal justice through a scholarship program.

News Published on July 05, 2021

Veterans Guardian Winner of the 2021 BBB Torch Award

Veterans Guardian is the winner of the 2021 BBB Torch Award for Ethics. The Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina has recognized Veterans Guardian in the annual 2021 BBB Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics.

Awards Published on June 30, 2021

Veterans Guardian 5-Star Sponsor of Irreverent Warriors

Veterans Guardian proudly serves as a five-star sponsor of Irreverent Warriors, contributing $25,000 to support their unique mission of preventing veteran suicide and enhancing mental health through unconventional methods like the Silkies Hike, aligning with the company's commitment to giving back to the veteran community.

News Published on May 26, 2021