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We are a pre-filing consulting firm helping position veterans to achieve the disability rating they are entitled to for their honorable service when they file their claim for disability compensation. As a team of fellow veterans, we understand and truly appreciate the sacrifices you have made in your service.

We also understand that military service can have significant and lasting impacts on your physical and mental health, which is why we are here for you.

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There are completely free services available to veterans to support the filing of claims for VA benefits and for the services that Veterans Guardian will provide pursuant to this agreement. Veterans always have the option to utilize the free services provided by entities such as National Service Organizations (e.g. VFW, DAV), Local Service Organizations, State Sponsored Veteran Service Officers, and/or the paid services of VA accredited agents or lawyers. Utilization of Veterans Guardian consulting services is not required to submit a claim for VA benefits and the client can achieve a positive VA benefit claim outcome with these other organizations.

Furthermore, Veterans may utilize Veterans Guardian consulting services in coordination with these other free or paid services. Veterans Guardian only works with clients that understand these other options are available and have elected to retain Veterans Guardian consulting services with that full knowledge. The Veterans Administration provides a search tool to find representatives for VA Claims who will assist you for free at www.ebenfits.va.gov/ebenefits/vso-search.

Veterans Guardian is not an accredited agent or entity recognized by the Department of Veteran Affairs and is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs in any way. Veterans Guardian does not represent clients to the VA and does not file claims of any other documents or responses with the VA on behalf of the client.

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