Veterans Guardian Responds To Recent Developments in Benefits Industry

Veterans Guardian categorically denies the false accusations of the lawsuit recently filed against us by attorneys who benefit from a broken Department of Veteran Affairs and a clogged veterans benefits system. Contrary to the baseless claims of wrongdoing, Veterans Guardian provides ethical and transparent assistance that veterans can choose to use to obtain benefits to which they are entitled, but often have difficulty accessing through other available means due to a complicated and bureaucratic process. The named plaintiffs in the suit received an increase in their benefits by choosing to hire Veterans Guardian to help them.

The award-winning practices of our veteran owned and operated company speak for themselves, and we are confident that we will be vindicated by a ruling in Veterans Guardian’s favor. In the meantime, we remain dedicated to providing superior services for our great veteran clients. We stand behind our veteran and veteran-adjacent staff who work tirelessly to secure successful outcomes in 90% of our cases with a record average of 85-day claim return period.

We continue to encourage lawmakers to address meaningful VA accreditation reform that confirms veterans’ right to select the assistance they want in submitting benefit claims while holding bad actors accountable and providing guardrails to protect veterans from those with negative intentions.

What If I need Help?

Filing a claim with the VA can be stressful and confusing. Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting can support you in filing a VA claim. Our team will guide you through the paperwork and prepare you for a meeting with the VA’s representatives, so there aren’t any surprises when the time comes. Fill out this form for a free consultation.

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