What is a Nexus Letter and why do you need one?

nexus letter for va benefits

For veterans applying for Veterans Affairs benefits, most are told they need to provide a Nexus letter. This letter is crucial to a veteran receiving the level of benefits they are eligible for – but what is it?

Defining a Nexus letter

This is a letter that links a veteran’s current condition to their service-connected condition or to circumstances directly related to military service. Veterans must establish this connection by obtaining a medical opinion from a qualified medical professional. Veterans may obtain a letter from a doctor, who then submits the letter with the claim.

How do you obtain this letter?

A nexus letter, written by a veteran’s current medical professional, helps to verify how a veteran’s medical condition impacts their life. To qualify for disability benefits, the condition must tie directly to their military service.

Not all veterans applying for VA benefits must submit one of these letters. They are mostly needed when conditions are not automatically considered service-connected. If there is ample evidence that it occurred during the veteran’s service or it is on the VA Presumptive List and the veteran meets the qualifications for the list, then it is considered service-connected.

If your doctor writes you a letter, then it should include verification that they:

  • Confirmed a current disability
  • Are licensed in the appropriate medical field and are qualified to evaluate the disability
  • Reviewed the veteran’s VA claims file
  • Reviewed the relevant medical history and evidence for service-connection
  • Provided a detailed rationale and support for their conclusion
  • Address any factors that may weigh against the disability claim

If you’re in need of a strong  letter, or you’re unsure if you do, contact Veterans Guardian for assistance in filing your VA disability claim. Veterans Guardian is a pre-filing consulting firm with a mission to help position veterans to achieve the disability rating they are eligible for when they file their claim for VA disability benefits and compensation.

What If I need Help?

Filing a claim with the VA can be stressful and confusing. Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting can support you in filing a VA claim. Our team will guide you through the paperwork and prepare you for a meeting with the VA’s representatives, so there aren’t any surprises when the time comes. Fill out this form for a free consultation.

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