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Additional ResourceS

There are many resources that support and enhance quality of life for the veteran community. We’ve vetted the resources below. Click on each to explore. 

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Irreverent Warriors knows that the best support network for veterans, is other veterans. We bring a community of warriors together through therapeutic events across the country. We also work with other veteran organizations who provide services such as job placement, training, housing, service dogs and more.


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VetSolutions help veterans access safe, clinically-guided psychedelic therapies. These innovative treatments are capable of addressing deep psychological and physiological scars, and therefore hold unprecedented healing potential for our nation’s heroes.


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Shepherd Center

Shepherd Center delivers life-renewing neurorehabilitation with unwavering heart, humor, and hope. When you — and your family — join Shepherd Center, they light your path to healing, infusing extraordinary care and compassion into every interaction, every treatment, and every outcome so you can begin again.


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charlottes web

Charlottes Web uses their influence to be responsible stewards of the earth and to support vulnerable communities.  They pioneer the CBD industry by creating reliable, high-quality and trustworthy botanical products.


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Purple Heart Homes provides housing and employment opportunities for disabled and aging veterans

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