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If you are rated 90% or less, our team can work with you to help uncover all your hidden claims eligibility.

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Veterans Guardian

Our unwavering mission is to assist veterans in obtaining the VA benefits they rightfully deserve. We are dedicated to providing veterans with the support, advocacy, and resources they need to navigate the complex VA system effectively. Through our expert guidance and personalized assistance, we work tirelessly to ensure that veterans receive every benefit to which they are entitled. Our commitment to serving those who have served our nation is at the heart of everything we do, as we strive to empower veterans and improve their overall well-being by securing the benefits and recognition they have earned through their service.

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90 percent increase

We are proud to report that approximately 90% of our veteran clients have experienced a significant increase in their VA disability rating. Through our dedicated and knowledgeable team of advocates, we work tirelessly to ensure that our veterans receive the recognition and support they deserve for their service-related disabilities.

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These reviews reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional service while consistently exceeding expectations. We take immense pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction, which has earned us the trust and appreciation of thousands. Each positive review serves as a testament to our company’s values of excellence, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction.

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We’re dedicated to ensuring that veterans receive timely assistance when navigating the VA system. With a remarkable 2-4 month average VA decision time, we take pride in streamlining the process for veterans. Our efficient and experienced team works diligently to expedite claims ensuring that veterans can access the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible.

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Veteran saunders speaks up about veteran disabilitys

The veterans we assist often experience a significant improvement in their financial well-being, with an average increase of $1,000 per month in disability benefits. We take pride in working tirelessly on their behalf, ensuring that they receive the maximum compensation they rightfully deserve for their service-related disabilities.

In Their Own Words
Veteran Kimzey Review Testimony

"Awesome staff! I’ve had nothing but a great experience working with the team at Vets Guardian! They were able to assist me in increasing my rating from 70% to 90% in about a 4 month period. They truly care about helping Vets and it shows!"

Veteran Kimzey Review Testimony
Veteran Michelle Thomas Testimonial

"Veterans Guardian did an amazing job with helping with my claim. I went from 90% to 100% in 6 weeks. The claim was so detailed I didn’t need a C&P exam. I highly recommend Veterans Guardian. It’s worth it!"

Veteran Michelle Thomas Testimonial
Veterans Guardian Issues Statement of Support For The Military Spouse Hiring Act

"My VSO just gave me the bare minimum, but these guys helped me in ways no one else has. They really understand what we as vets are dealing with and how to help."

Veterans Guardian Issues Statement of Support For The Military Spouse Hiring Act

"I wasted about five years working with veteran service orgs and my state veteran admin. They work for free and they do good things for many veterans. But, they got absolutely zero VA disability increase for me. Endless thanks to my buddy and coworker for hooking me up with Vets Guardians. In eight months, I have gone from 10% to 100%. I know it may sound too good to be true but this is what happened to me, with the help of Vets Guardian. I am happy to pay the consulting fees because the benefits will remain for the rest of my life."