Sleep Troubles And Chronic Pain

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For many Veterans, restful sleep is unattainable due to a variety of reasons. Though it’s recommended to sleep seven to nine hours, many Vets actually obtain far less - averaging only five and a half or six hours per night. And while there are a variety of reasons behind the sleeping issues, one common reason

10 Most Common VA Claims

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List of the Top 10 Most Common VA Claims #1 Tinnitus #2 Hearing Loss #3 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder #4 Scars, General #5 Limitation of Flexion, Knee #6 Lumbosacral or Cervical Strain #7 Paralysis of the Sciatic Nerve #8 Limitation of Range of Motion of the Ankle #9 Migraines #10 Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine

3 Million More People Will Get Commissary and Exchange Benefits

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Starting January 1st, 2020, roughly 3 million more people will get commissary and exchange benefits. This will include all service-connected disabled Veterans, Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war and primary Veteran caregivers. Federal officials determined earlier this year that Veterans would use their Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) in order to get access to

HIREVets Gold Medallion awarded to Veterans Guardian

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The United States Department of Labor has awarded Veterans Guardian the HIREVets Gold Medallion Award, the only federal-level veterans’ employment award that recognizes a company or organization’s commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development. Veterans Guardian is one of 15 North Carolina employers that received the HIRE Vets Medallion.The award was established as part of

2020 VA Disability Pay Rates

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2020 VA Disability Compensation Rates The 2020 VA Disability Pay Rates are out! If you are a Veteran with a service-connected disability rating of 10% or higher, you can determine how much tax-free compensation you’ll get each month by viewing the animated chart above, or the graph below.   CHECK OUT OUR VA DISABILITY CALCULATOR  As

Nexus Letter

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A nexus letter links a Veteran's time in service and their current disability. It is by far the hardest element of service connection to prove. However, it's not impossible. This letter, in many situations, allows for evidence to point in favor towards the Veteran. With a nexus letter, Veterans increase their chance of a favorable claim

Patriot Foundation Dinner 2019

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The Patriot Foundation held its annual Soldiers Appreciation Dinner at Pinehurst Resort for 2019. Veterans Guardian is a proud corporate sponsor of the Patriot Foundation, donating over $10,000 in 2019. These funds provide scholarships for children to soldiers who have been killed, wounded, injured, or fell seriously ill. We appreciate all that the Patriot Foundation

What is a Lay Statement?

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What is a Lay Statement? A lay statement is a testimony provided by a veteran or someone close to a veteran to help establish the impacts of service connected injuries. Many times, these statements detail how a service-connected disability affects the veteran. This evidence is meant to create a picture of your daily life. It

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