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Learn how Veterans Guardian has assisted fellow Veterans in achieving the disability rating that reflects the severity of their service connected conditions.

Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting
review summary

Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting review summary

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Recommendedon Facebook,Aug 17, 2022


Wow, where do I begin. Was stuck on 40% for over 25 years because achieving that took it out of me. A few people at work recommendedVeterans Guardian so I gave them a call. Four short months later a 40% increase. If I just say they were helpful it would be such an understatement. Every step of the way they were informative, supportive and encouraging. Five stars in every regard.

5on Google,Aug 17, 2022


Helped me file a claim to increase my rating. The process was unreal! So worth it!

5on Google,Aug 16, 2022


This place will fight for Veterans. Went from 10-90% with their help.

5on Google,Aug 16, 2022


Veterans Guardian was very easy to work with and very helpful!

5on Google,Aug 16, 2022


They helped me along in the process of getting a increase in my compensation. They were very helpful and easy to get ahold of whenever I had any questions. They also would check in monthly to see if I had gotten any updates.

5on Google,Aug 16, 2022


I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Bullington, who was professional always and extremely helpful thru the claims process! I recommend this company to any other Veteran who is below 100% disability.

5on Google,Aug 16, 2022


My Experience with Veterans Guardians was Awesome and they guided me through the process from 20%to a 100% thank you!

5on Google,Aug 15, 2022


Very helpful and very forthcoming. Never felt harassed or pressured into doing anything and they always looked out for my best interest.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2022


Great experience working with Veterans Guardians. Yes I could of figured it out myself for free but I didn't. They helped me to understand the process and took their time to advise and counsel me. Wasn't easy to ask for an increase, I am a stubborn vet that needed the extra attention. Thanks Veterans Guardians.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2022


Veteran Guardian has been a great help to me in finally getting a 100 percent rating, after years of denial or slow increases from the VA.Thanks Veteran Guardian.

Recommendedon Facebook,Aug 15, 2022


I appreciate Veterans Guardian for their courtesy and professionalism in communicating with me.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2022


I saw a post on Facebook from Veterans Guardian on April 26 2022. I sent off for more information. I was then contacted and was explained how the process works. I was a little skeptical at first so I read some of the reviews and they were positive so I said what the heck. Aug the 8th 2022 I logged into the VA site and I now have a 100% total and permanent disable rating. I went from being paid a 60% rating to 100%. It is definitely worth contacting them if you have struggled trying to get 100% or even just an increase.