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Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting
review summary

Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting review summary

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 23, 2021


Veteran’s Guardian is the best at what they do. They genuinely care about Veterans, and will help you get the results you’re entitled to.

5on Google,Sep 23, 2021


Excellent service and true professionals working for you! They succeed in taking care of their customers and delivering on expectations. Highly recommend to all veterans.

5on Google,Sep 22, 2021


The process was very helpful. My family is very appreciative of revisiting issues that have been present for years. Thanks Veterans Guardian.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 21, 2021


Highly recommend their expertise and advice. 5/5 stars every single time.

5on Google,Sep 21, 2021


Trust the process and follow their advice! 5/5 starts will always recommend to my veteran buddies!

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 21, 2021


They're fast and easy to work with. I've worked with many VSO's and have only been disappointed tremendously every time. After 25 years of fighting Veterans Guardian finally helped me to get what I deserved all these years. Thanks!!!!

5on Google,Sep 21, 2021


I just want to start off by saying that I was very skeptical in the beginning cuz I'd have problems dealing with the VA in the past but I must say dealing with veterans Guardian was a very pleasant experience I feel like they went above and beyond to help me in my particular situation they checked with me and every step of the process along the way I felt like they genuinely cared I would highly recommend veterans Guardian to anyone that's having problems with the VA they will go out of their way to help you I really appreciate them!!

5on Google,Sep 21, 2021


Veterans Guardian reviewed my records identified items that had been overlooked and deftly lead me through the process. They were supportive and extremely helpful at every turn.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 20, 2021


After 4 year of working on my case alone or with a VSO I was rated at 60%; but with the evaluation of VG I was awarded an additional claim that brought me to 90% ....and recently through TDIU I was awarded 100%. Due in great part to their guiding, testing, reviewing, and getting the REQUIRED Nexus (IMO) that made it happen. The who, what, where, why and when and HOW: 1. WHO IS VG; from people trained in great customer CARE to a process that assures meeting VA Standards for Service Connection and the NEXUS (IMO meeting current medical treatment to Independent Medical Opinion & Exam) and C-File reviews. 2. WHAT; VG provides a series of review sessions with their team so you always have someone who is in the loop and can see each step with another person is not in the office. They have the process to find the best avenue toward maximizing both the rating and the claim (or adjusting the claim). They have the IMO (Medical Opinion) network to meet the VA requirements or laws that meet VA . 3. WHERE: they know the in's and out's They understand the inner VA works. Their people first and foremost help to evaluate your ratings reducing immediate stress levels (including not being understood) and create a feeling of confidence describing the process and time-lines. 4. HOW; their people are former VA and operate as a unit and separately for the appropriate claims. 5. WHY: They have the process, people, products (in the form of IMO confirmations. And they feel successful and confident. 6. WHEN: Timing is everything. Keeping the Veteran in the loop and having them send in the claim with all documentation step by step. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Howard F. USAF-"62-65" SJAG - legal Assist

5on Google,Sep 20, 2021


SO HAPPY with VG. Navigating the VA claim process seemed so daunting I was hesitant to do it. VG made it easy. The guidance they provide makes the claims process almost simple. I ended up getting a rating higher than I thought I would and they were a big part of that. Yes they charge a service fee but I think that paid for itself in the rating that they were able to help me get.

5on Google,Sep 16, 2021


VG help me do all the correct form required for my VA claim. They help you get the doctors visits, and send all the package to the VA claim center. VG has a service fee, but I think is worth paying for their service and professional help.

4on Google,Sep 13, 2021


VERY happy with the service. Payment is on the high side.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 08, 2021


it's a great company, they really help you with your claim