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Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting
review summary

Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting review summary

5on Google,Nov 27, 2022

the best stuntman

I would highly recommend Veterans Guardian to anyone that needs help filing a disability claim with the VA. They helped me get an increase and the people I worked with were all very professional. Bravo and Thank You !!!!

5on Google,Nov 25, 2022


I retired in 1998 with a VA rating of 30%. Three and a half years ago I was finally in a position to revisit this rating. An old Team Sergeant of mine recommended Veterans Guardian. The bottom line is, they took me from my initial 30% to 100%. The path wasn't easy....it never is with the VA. However, these folks stayed with and encouraged me through all the ups and downs one goes through during the rating process. At one point I was close to walking away. That was when THEY actually took the lead and helped me cross the finish line. I can not say how much I appreciate these folks. I HIGHLY recommend them. It won't always be easy. The VA rating process was never designed to be easy. With that being said, the Veterans Guardians will be with you every step of the way.....

Recommendedon Facebook,Nov 23, 2022


Everything went smooth for me. I agreed to pay them 5x the increase, which is money I wouldn’t have anyway if it wasn’t for them guiding me through the right steps. I don’t understand why some veterans have an issue with this. They are getting you a lifetime of compensation and only asking for 5 months of a payback for a service they offered and you accepted. There was some unforeseen expenses like a therapist evaluation, but it’s what was necessary to get a favorable outcome. I went from 40 to 70 percent. Most of you complaining probably never even deployed or saw combat. Bunch of POGs complaining cause they aren’t getting disability from hurting themselves on a 2 mile run back in 2004. They offer a service, they made good on it. I fully recommend them to any veteran who has tried to get a disability upgrade but has been unsuccessful.

5on Google,Nov 21, 2022


The Associates were very focused on the process and explained everything along the way. Never imagined this process would be so easy. Thanks Veterans Guardian!

5on Google,Nov 21, 2022


I want to thank Veterans Guard for helping me in the process of increasing my percentage of disability. I am very grateful for your professionalism and work for the well-being of my health.

5on Google,Nov 19, 2022


Veterans Guardian improved my 83 year father’s disability rating by 40% when other veteran programs could not. Very professional and outstanding communicators; Veterans Guardian is your one stop organization for disabled Veterans who want immediate, positive return on time and money towards VA Disability processing. A superb organization. Kent - Army Veteran and former USMC dependent

5on Google,Nov 18, 2022


Three words: professionalism, patience, and a “Service Member first” attitude. Yes, it was a long process, buy having my hand held and always being followed up with on a regular basis made me comfortable and brought me to tears at times as they truly care and fight for you. If you are in need of assistance, pick up that phone and call Veterans Guardian. I am getting the help I have needed and it has changed my quality of life for the better which in return has brought my family together.

5on Google,Nov 17, 2022


Veterans Guardian do you need to buy melonwas there for good night me. I highly recommend Veterans Guardian multiple times that I want to take a leadership rolefor any Vet who would like help with increasing their benefits.

5on BBB,Nov 15, 2022


I worked with them to secure an increase in my disability rating. They basically did all the footwork and I was able to get an increase that allows me to get my retirement and the VA benefit concurrently. If you feel like you didn't get what you deserved from the VA, I would highly recommend checking out Veterans Guardian.

5on Google,Nov 14, 2022


Veterans Guardian did an awesome job in getting my rating doubled. They found a condition that I had that I didn’t even know I could claim. That condition got my rating increased. I would 100% recommend them to any veteran out there.

5on Google,Nov 14, 2022

Ronald G

Thanks to Veterans Guardian for help getting compensated for injuries from a injury while in the Army! 8)