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The VA disability process can be a difficult, elaborate, and confusing process that requires in depth knowledge and expertise to navigate successfully. Many veterans are either unaware of the benefits they are eligible for, unwilling to engage the process due to its complexity, or frustrated with previous efforts with the VA.Veterans Guardian provides the expertise, knowledge and resources to bridge these gaps.

         • 90% of the Veterans we support increase their Disability Benefits
         • +9700 Claims Approved
         • Average Increase of $1000 a Month in Disability Benefits
         • 2-4 Month Average VA Decision Time

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2021 VA Disability Compensation Rates

The 2021 VA Disability Pay Rates are out! VA Disability recipients will see a 1.3% increase in their monthly checks starting in December 2020.

The 2021 VA disability pay rates in 2021 for a Veteran with no dependents

Combined VA Disability Rating 2021 VA Disability Rates 2020 VA Disability Rates
10% $144.14 $142.29
20% $284.93 $281.27
30% $441.35 $435.69
40% $635.77 $627.61
50% $905.04 $893.43
60% $1,146.39 $1,131.68
70% $1,444.71 $1,426.17
80% $1,679.35 $1,657.80
90%  $1887.18 $1,862.96
100% $3,146.42 $3,106.04

Veterans with a 30% rating or higher can receive payments for eligible dependents.

How does this affect my taxable income?

The monetary benefit from VA Disability Compensation is tax-free and does not affect your finances when filing taxes.

Veterans Guardian is here to help Veterans who may be underrated. Our goal is to ensure they are receiving the benefits they are eligible for. If you would like to learn more by speaking with a Veteran Claims Specialist, you can contact us by filling out the form below.

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