Working With A VA Rating

Can I Still Work If I Have a VA Rating? It is possible to receive VA disability and continue working Are you unsure about working with a VA disability rating? The process can be confusing because you could have a schedular rating and a TDIU rating, both of which mean different things and dictate your

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VA Disability Benefits

VA Disability Benefits for Qualifying Veterans In order to be eligible for VA Disability Benefits, Veterans must have a VA Disability Rating. The higher their disability rating, the more benefits Veterans are eligible to receive. Veterans who qualify for VA disability benefits may suffer from physical conditions, such as chronic illness or service-connected injuries. They

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VA Claims for National Guard and Reserves

VA Claims For National Guard And Reserves Here at Veterans Guardian, we get many questions about VA claims for National Guard and Reserve members. National Guard and Reserve members with an honorable discharge status may be eligible for certain VA benefits. The primary factor in determining basic eligibility for VA benefits is “veteran status,” which

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Many Veterans want to know how VA Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI are evaluated for compensation. TBIs are one of the most common injuries among combat veterans. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) reported more than 408,000 TBI's among U.S. service members worldwide between 2000 and early 2019. This post will break down

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Lay Evidence for VA Disability

Lay Evidence for VA Disability Claims Does this phrase sound familiar? “There's nothing in your records to support your claim.” The VA denies claims all the time due to lack of evidence. Lay evidence for VA disability can be valuable evidence to prove various types of claims. This evidence is provided by a Veteran or

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VA Appeals Process Explained

If you've received a denial letter or ratings decision you didn't agree with from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you still have options. It's common for VA disability claims to be denied, and you can appeal.  Here's some advice on what you need to know on the VA appeals process. Deadline for Filing a Veterans'

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Requesting a DD214

Requesting a DD214 is a very simple process. This step by step guide will tell you how to request your DD214, especially if you're thinking about filing for VA disability benefits or seeking an increase in your current disability rating. The first step is to submit a military records request through the milConnect website. Here,

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100 Percent Disabled Veterans

Veterans who qualify for a 100 percent disability rating from the VA are eligible for additional benefits not available to other Veterans. Below is a list of benefits for 100 percent disabled Veterans and their dependents. Note that benefits vary by state. Please check out our state benefits map for more details. Monthly Compensation Veterans

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VA Claims: Daily Pain and Depression

At first glance, you may not think the terms daily pain and depression apply to you. But consider this: has daily or chronic pain caused physical discomfort affected your normal routine? An injury or painful condition that just doesn’t get better commonly causes irritability, depression, and sleep issues. And while many people experience acute pain

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