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Veterans Guardian provides consulting services to support the VA disability claims process. Our mission is to get you the highest rating you medically, legally and ethically qualify for as a result of your honorable service. Many veterans are either unaware of the benefits they are eligible for, unwilling to engage the process due to its complexity, or are frustrated with previous efforts with the VA. Veterans Guardian provides the expertise, knowledge and resources to help you bridge these gaps.

We typically assist veterans rated 90% or less. If you are temporary TDIU, meaning that you are temporarily rated at 100% due to an illness or surgery, we may be able to help. Otherwise, we cannot assist you if you are rated at 100%.

We offer a free consultation to discuss our services and the ways we can help you. Should you choose to move forward with us, our consulting fee only applies if and when you receive a rating increase. We take no money up front and if you don’t get an increase, you owe us nothing.

Veterans Guardian assists clients worldwide.

As a veteran, you can receive both VA disability and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits at the same time. Receiving VA disability benefits may impact your eligibility for SSI benefits. If you’re a Veteran getting VA benefits because of a non-service-related disability, your Social Security benefits are not affected. However, your VA benefits may be reduced if you are receiving Social Security payments.

Yes! There are no stipulations preventing employment if you are a Veteran rated 100% T&P.

Once you receive a disability rating of 50% or higher, you qualify for CRDP, which is Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay. This means you will receive both your disability pay (non-taxed) and full retirement benefit (taxed).

Generally, you can still work when receiving VA disability compensation. However, in some very specific instances, to receive an individual unemployability rating or a 100% schedular rating for certain disabilities, a Veteran cannot work full time or make over a certain amount of money per year. That amount is typically anything above the poverty line.

During business hours, you can call our general hotline at 833-577-8387 or use our web chat feature.